Wood, Horn, and Bone Rosary

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We love the new rosaries from Blessed Bees Beads.
The following description is from their Etsy Store


Wood, Horn, and Bone Rosary

This design is a copy of my personal rosary, the first one I made for myself. The Goddess beads are a trio of woods and the God beads are made of horn. The rosary is completed with a red, carved bone, tear drop bead.

The Goddess beads are made of both dark and very light Magkuno wood, and Whitewood. Magkuno belongs to a group of hardwood trees also referred to as ironwood because they are so tough.The color comes in a range from medium chocolate brown to a lighter cocoa color. Their finish is smooth with a tight woodgrain. Whitewood beads come from the wild mamalis (pangantuopn) trees that grow in the Philippines. The natural unbleached wood is tan to pale yellow, or off white in color.
The three colors of wood symbolize not only the mother/maiden/crone cycle of womens' lives, but also the great diversity to be found in every aspect of our humanity.

The God beads are, so appropriately, made of horn.

And, bringing you back to the earthly plane, the centerpiece is a deep red, carved bone, teardrop bead.