Traditional Chakra System Rosary

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We love the new rosaries from Blessed Bees Beads.
The following description is from their Etsy Store


Traditional Chakra System Rosary

This rosary celebrates the common chakra system that is used, for instance, in the Prosperity Orb of Light meditation.

The Goddess beads are painted cheesewood beads. Cheesewood is a light Taiwanese wood that is grown from fast-growing cultivated trees. The beads in this rosary follow the common chakra pattern, with a silver bead above the crown chakra bead, representing the super-crown chakra, and a black bead capping each end of each decade.
The common chakra pattern is:

Root center: Red

Sex center: Orange

Solar plexus center: Yellow

Heart center: Green

Throat center: Blue

Third eye center: Indigo

Crown center: Violet

The God beads are silver painted cheesewood beads, adding additional glitter to the rosary and your practice.

There is a single green glass bead leading down to the silver Om pendant. This rosary is equally soothing and cheerful.