Tarot Decks

I tend to prefer the ancient tarot decks such as Marseille and Visconti, and also modern decks that are styled after those decks.

When the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was introduced, it really forced the Golden Dawn belief system onto the Tarot during a time when most of the public didn't even know what tarot was.

Thus, the RWS deck, replete with all its Golden Dawn symbolism, has come to be regarded as the standard tarot, and the bulk of decks published since its introduction have been based largely on it.

Luckily, the ancient tarot was not completely forgotten, and in modern times has seen a resurgence.  

I do enjoy RWS and its offshoots, but my heart really lies in the marseille and old Italian decks.

I share with you some of my favorite decks for reading and studying.

On each product page, there are video links of me giving readings with the deck in question if you scroll down.
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