Psalm magic is a big part of what we do at Ariel's Corner. 

The Psalms belong to all. The Psalms are remarkable as magical tools, because they are highly effective even to novice practitioners.

The origin of the Psalms is not known. Some say they were written by King David. Others say they were written by several characters in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Psalmic magical tradition holds that the Psalms predate the ancient Hebrew faith. They believe they came through Egypt from an even earlier culture.

None of this can be proven, but as a literary context, it enables us to access the Psalms in a way that consistently offers remarkable practical and spiritual results.

A lovely Psalter really can add to a perfect mood for magic.  But always remember that you can get the same results by reading the Psalms off your phone.

Please get a lovely Psalter for your practice, but don't wait to practice until it arrives. Start today!

Blessed be!

Learn Psalm Magic with Ariel Gatoga