Perfumes for Saturn and Cassiel

Day: Saturday

Hours: 7 PM to 8 PM 3 AM to 4 AM; 11 AM to Noon (Use only Saturday and Wednesday for Cassiel)
Flowers: Chincherinchee or Everlasting flowers, pansy
Herbs: Comfrey, Aspen, Solomon's Seal.
Trees: Yew, Blackthorn, most Evergreens. Incenses: Patchouli, Cypress.
Fruit: Pomegranate, all dried and preserved fruit. Animals: Tortoise.
Birds: Parrot, Crow
Insects: All slow movers and worms.
Metal: Lead.
Jewels: Jet or Garnet.
Colors: Black, dark brown and dark greens.
Perfume: Linden, Cornflower


All matters concerning old age, legacies, settlement of wills, or affairs of the deceased.

All matters of housing and property, or repairs etc., to your own house, property or the building in which you live. He helps aid folk too, and especially Old Age Pensioners. He brings stability into the life and helps you in all serious matters that take a long time to work out.
In health affairs you can ask his help in all matters to do with the left leg, or complaints that are the natural result of old age. These he may NOT cure, for these things are natural, but he will relieve them, among them being rheumatism, cramps and all ills caused by cold or damp. This Angel does not work quickly, but slowly, so you must have patience in waiting for his signs.

Matters of houses and property, lands and farming, all old people. Matters of poverty and long-standing ailments. Favors those who have Saturn well aspected in their horoscopes. Rules over matters of karma or trial which must be endured. Brings his favors late in life.