Perfumes for Mercury and Raphael

Day: Wednesday

Hours: 3  PM to 4 PM; 11 PM to Midnight; 7 AM to 8 AM (Can use any day)
Flowers: All bright yellow flowers, especially yellow leaved or flowering bushes. Ferns and bracken. Weeds.
Herbs: Fennel, Dill, Parsley, Valerian. Trees: Ash, Hazel, Aspen and Silver Birch. Incenses: Lavender, Lemongrass, Mace. Fruit: Lemon.
Animals: Monkeys.
Birds: Magpie, Swallow, Raven, Ibis.
Insects: All non-stinging flies.
Metal: Quicksilver or Mercury. Either real or artificial Silver may be used.
Jewels: Agate or pale yellow
Topaz. Colour: Bright Yellow.
Perfumes: Iris, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lavender


Heals physical ills, rules the brain, and gives mental ability and gifted speech and writing. Called the 'Winged Messenger of the Gods' because he takes prayers from one Angel to another. When you don't know which Angels to invoke, for any matter, then invoke the Angel Raphael, who will take your request to the right source. He rules all matters to do with trade, contracts, examinations, letters and documents. He is favourably disposed to all, and helps everybody.

Raphael brightens up you mind, and aids concentration. Helps you write effective and telling letters. Inspires you. Aids all lung and chest complaints and ailments of the left arm or hand. Can be asked for help in any matters of business, trade or finding employment, or to change your job. Makes all things work speedily, and can be invoked to speed up any matters that are delayed. Helps your health generally, and looks after the health and affairs of children, birds, and all small quick moving animals, except dogs and cats which have a different Angelic rulership as you now know. He concerns himself more with wild animals than domestic ones, and of these the smaller varieties. He helps to recover things that have been lost, to capture thieves, and to protect you from theft generally.