Perfumes for Mars and Samael

Day: Tuesday
Hours: 2 PM to 3 PM; 10 PM to 11 PM; 6 AM to 7 AM
(don’t use Monday or Saturday for Samael)
Flowers: Wild Rose, Anemone, Gorse, Thistle, nettle, Nasturtium, Myrtle.
Herbs: Basil, pepper, tarragon, garlic.
Trees: Horse Chestnut, Monkey Puzzle., Cypress, Holly, Pine. All Pepper trees.
Incenses: Dragon's blood, ginger, thyme.
Fruit: Passion Fruit.
Animals: Ram and Sheep, horse.
Birds: Falcon.
Insects: Scorpion and all stinging insects except bees.
Metals: Iron and Steel.
Jewel: Ruby.
Colours: Scarlet and all bright reds.
Perfumes: Orchid and Honeysuckle.


Gives physical courage, makes the subject strong and able to recover from all ills. Gives bravery, and manual dexterity. Rules everything to do with machinery. Gives his subjects the ability to try again and again until success comes, and protects against death in war, by fire or by violence. He overcomes your enemies for you, being the great Protective Angel. Though people are apt to regard Mars as a 'bad' planet in astrology, he, like Saturn and Uranus, has his beneficial side, which he shows mainly to those he rules. When your Moon is in one of the signs ruled by Mars, he can and will help you out of your troubles, even if you have Mars afflicted in your horoscope. This Angel loves to be asked to fight for you!

To recover physical strength after illness. To overcome enemies and help you fight the battles of life. To give you physical courage. To help those in the armed forces, especially soldiers. To help you get the right kind of machinery that you might need and secure a good bargain. In health matters he can be invoked for any ailment of the right arm, severe headaches, or to help in operations, etc, where he guides the surgeon's hands and restores health quickly afterwards. He helps to heal all rashes and infection, and any ailments which cause eruptive spots. He safeguards you against risk of accident from any kind of machinery.