Perfumes for Jupiter and Sachiel

Day: Thursday

Hours: 4 PM to 5 PM; Midnight to 1 AM; 8 AM to 9 AM (don’t use Saturday for Sachiel)
Flowers: Purple lilac, all purple flowers.
Herbs: Sage, mistletoe, hyssop, coltsfoot, Borage, Cinquefoil. Trees: Royal Oak, Beech, Poplar.
Incenses: Sandalwood, Cedar, Sage, Agrimony.
Fruits: Grape, olive.
Animals: Elephants, whales, all fish.
Birds: Eagle.
Insects: Queen Bee and all Bees.
Also all coined money.
Metal: Tin. Silver may also be used.
Jewel: Amethyst.
Colours: Violet and purple.
Perfume: Lilac


All money matters, social prestige and expansion. All legal affairs, lawyers and judges. Rules powerful and influential friends or business acquaintances, and all games of chance, lotteries, competitions, etc where money is involved. The Angel Sachiel helps in all financial matters.

The Angel Sachiel's private sign, the Part of Fortune, represents expansion of all good things and increased gain (money). That is why it appears on so many money talismans, which are ruled by the Angel Sachiel and his planet, Jupiter.