Many of our rituals and spells call for incense. In my experience, it's best to keep things simple. When you know which resins correspond to which planet, then you can pretty much burn an incense for any purpose. Blends are nice, but if you want to keep your incense inventory at a manageable level, I recommend that you supply yourself with resins for each planet and some incense charcoal. 

Magical correspondences are not cast in stone. But if you want a simple list of planetary resins, this one is pretty good:

Sun: Frankincense (ambition, success, attainment, music, health prestige)
Moon: Myrrh (Increase, the home, motherhood, magic, imagination, dreams)
Mars: Dragon's Blood (courage, strength, bravery, machinery, military)
Mercury: Mastic (medicine, education, speaking, writing, commerce, commuting)
Jupiter: Copal (money, expansion, legal matters, people of influence, business)
Venus: Benzoin (love affairs, marriage, friendship, art, beauty, luxury)
Saturn: Opoponax (old age, legacies, wills, antiques, funerals, stability, debts)

Place a small layer of sand at the bottom of your thurible, or incense burner, to insulate it from heat. You may want to place the burner on an altar tile for even more insulation.

Place your incense charcoal on top of the sand and ignite it with a lighter or match.  Once the charcoal has stopped sparking and you notice a small amount of white ash around the edges, then place a small amount of resin on the coal.

Don't over-do the incense. Have a small spoon handy to remove resin from the charcoal if the smoke becomes overwhelming. Less is more with incense.

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