Box Magic

Box magic is age-old. The most common forms of box magic are money boxes.  But you can cast spells for all kinds of things with box magic.

Determine which planet rules your desire.  Then line the box with paper, felt, or another lining that matches the color of the planet you are working with.

Next place in a certain number of items that pertain to your desire (use the number for the planet you are working with). The items you choose to place in the box should speak to your purpose in making the box.  Coins for a money box, for instance.

You continue to "feed" the box with whatever type of item you used to make the box (usually once every new moon). This symbolically charges the thoughtform you have built and makes it stronger over time.

In the following example, we are doing a simple money box. We are using Jupiter as our planet. Since the box was already fairly opulent I opted to skip lining it. I added my favorite all-purpose herb blend, but you can use herbs specific to your chosen planet if you prefer.

Then I placed four pieces of money in growing denominations into the box on top of the herbs. (the number four is a Jupiter number).  I anointed it with some perfume and closed it up. Each new moon I must put one coin in the box. The money from the box must never be spent.

Box magic tends to be best for long-term, ongoing things like harmony, prosperity, peace in the home, etc., not for immediate needs. 

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